Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Presentation to our librarians and Display "Washington, D.C. and Baltimore" for Public

I'm happy for my successful internship program in Baltimore, MD in 1-18th of
October, 2010.

After arrived in Ulaanbaatar, my last days was my participation to the our
Ulaanbaatar Public Library's 30th Anniversary.

Today I organized my first presentation to our librarians, there was 24 staffs, about my learning and photo shots with explanation at 9am-12noon in American Culture and Information Center, UPL.

I introduced my LIP organizers, host libraries, host family, and interesting and useful ideas on re-organizing, hourly schedule, shifting staffs, fiction&nonfiction shelf, vertical title cataloging, book displays, book bar code labels-stamp-discard and others.

Also, I transferred
- A Maryland Map (from Maryland Department of the Enoch Pratt Free Library/State Resource Center) to our American Corner service area, and
- ALA-LC Romanization Tables book (Library of Congress, head - Russia Section, Mr. Randall K.Barry) to Mr. Odkhuu, our cataloger librarian.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I successfully arrived to my home country Mongolia in late evening of 19th of October.

I'm happy to inform that, my trip to home was finished luckily in late evening 19th of October.
Now I'm at work, Ulaanbaatar Public Library.

My 14 days library internship in the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled, Baltimore successfully finished in early afternoon of 15th of October,

then explored Washington D.C in 3 days as below:

On Friday early afternoon I arrived in Washington D.C. from Baltimore city, MD by MARC train.

Evening at 7pm, I participated to the lecture in the Mongolian Embassy in Washington D.C., which is organized by Mongolian Culture Association and Mr. Saruul-erdene. After the lecture, I made a interview to the Mongolian National TV journalist about my internship.

On Saturday I visited to the Washington D.C Public Library (Martin Luther King) and again good introduction on the Blind&Physically Handicapped Department.
Also, I visited to the LOC Cataloguing department, where I made a nice talking with Mr. Randall K. Barry, who is head of Russia section, Germanic&Slavic Division.

On Sunday, I went to shopping and visited to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
Sunday afternoon, I visited to Mrs. Marta's office in The State Department by her invitation and we talked a lot about my internship, about your library and about your help to me :-) and of course about Mongolia and others.
She had a dinner with me her favourite restoran, like my host library chiefs Mr. Wesley, Mrs. Patricia, and Mrs. Jill.
I said to Mrs. Marta, her invitation and appointment is more brightening my internship.

It's time to write my report in English and guideline for Mongolian Librarians in Mongolian.

Thank you very much for my LIP supporters and PAS team in USA Embassy, Ulaanbaatar.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My 9th work day. In the LBPH.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today was learning day to understand the special service how organized by LOC NLS and Federal Government funding.
What technology and service changes are in the LBPH.

I hope, my 2 hours presentation was informative to LBPH staffs to know Mongolian National animal "Horse", Mongolian culture on Greeting, Food, save the nature and of course today's Mongolian about 350 public libraries real information.

8-9am. Maryland Accessible Texbook Program
James McCarthy, Maryland Accessible Textbook Program
Stephanie Durnford, Management Associate
Jim's Office
2nd Floor

9-10am. Collection Maintenance (Shelving, Shifting, Discarding materials)
Tyson Fogel
Tyson's Office and Stack Ares
2nd Floor and Stack Areas

10-12noon. Presentation on Library Services in Mongolia and the Mongolian DAISY Talking Book center
Begzsuren Jamsranjav

12-1pm Lunch

1-2pm. Integrated Library Management System OPAC, BARD, Web Braille
Mollyne Honor
Meeting Room
1st Floor

2-3pm. Outreach, Programs
Tyson Fogel
Tyson's Office
2nd Floor

3-3:30pm. Patron Services (Applications Process)
Paula Thomas, Patron Services Specialist
Paula's Office
2nd Floor

Mr. John Halley, showed and introduced me the Server and Telephone rooms.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My 8th work day, not only learning it was Mongolian information sharing day

At 8am I visited to tunbridge public charter school to share Mongolian words and Traditional Game "A Clever Daughter-in-Law".

At 10am. Computer class in LBPH for blind person. Today was MS Excel lesson.

At 11am. Youth Programs.

At 2pm. Special appointment with Mrs. Irene Padilla, who is a state librarian and assistant state superintendent for Libraries in the Maryland State Department of Education.

I shared my library true experience and there is a library law on the processing in Mongolia.

At 3:30pm. ILL Cataloguing in LBPH.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 7th work day. Inthe Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Library of Congress National Library Service is organizing and managing library service for blind and physically handicapped community under the Federal Law, without disturbing commercail business.

My today's schedule was as below. From each learning in LBPH different rooms, I really understand above topic, why they use not only special technology and equipment, they must use encrypted and special file format to bring a library service to blind person's home without asking any money and without any postal cost pressure.

This special and professional state-wide library service guided by LOC NLS and funded by Federal Government. So all device, book is property of Federal Government, it's produced for special use.

Our Ulaanbaatar Public Library's DAISY Talking Book Center should think and implement this encrypted and special file formats or how library service must be organized for blind community without disturbing commercial products and services.
If we don't think about this in the beginning, when globalization will require us one service standard, we understand that, oh already made big mistake :-(.

8-9am. Library administration
Jill Lewis
Jill's Office
2nd floor

9-11am. Digital Recording Studio/Volunteer Services
Wilhelmina Hargrave, Recording Studio Director
Mozetta Trueheart, Recording Studio Manager
Yuri Zietz,
Digital Recording Studio
Basement Level 1

11-12noon Circulation/Book Inspection
Shirley Roane, Circulation Lead
Elizabeth Brice, Book Inspection Specialist
Circulation/Book Inspection Area
1st Floor

12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm IT
Organization and Structure
Mollyne Honor, Assistant Director/IT Head
John Halley, Computer Network Specialist
Yuri Zietz
Meeting Room
1st floor

2-3pm Equipment
Mollyne Honor,
Sheila Smith, Equipment Head
Shirley Roane
Equipment room
Basement Label 1

3-4pm Patron Services/Reference
Tyson Fogel, Reference/Outreach Coordinator
Patron Services Desk
1st Floor


Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm already on the way : My next OPEN-EYE journey starts here in Enoch Pratt Free Library

Dear All my contributors to my LIP learning,

First of all, I'm very happily can say that My Library Internship Program is continuing very successfully and luckily.
I'm already in half road of my internship days in Enoch Pratt free Library (EPFL) and Maryland State library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH) in the charming city Baltimore, MD.

All day I'm trying to translate my notes into Mongolian from meetings/learning sessions and still on the working. I just uploaded very special photos and daily summaries into my Library Internship Program Blog at I hope, it's a huge knowledge and experience, what I saw and learn from my host libraries.

Today, on Saturday, I participated to the 2 user group meetings in the LBPH, it was helpful to understand the library and community communications.

Tomorrow Sunday, it's my free day to work on my note translation.
On Monday, library will close for the Columbus Day /Staff Development Day/, but I organized my meeting to school class from my dearest host family.
I sure, the Monday and Wednesday meetings in the elementary school, and Thursday Presentation in the LBPH will be helpful to share my Mongolian experience and information.

My last days learning from the EPFL was very helpful to understand new ways in the EPFL, re-organizing, shifting staffs, especially a hourly schedule.

I really want to write my book about this internship program, it'll contain my daily notes and photos and others.
I sure, my future day learning in the LBPH will be helpful to understand special library services/technology for blind community.

Thank you for all, for your time and energy to me to make this successful internship.
Sincerely Yours,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My 6th day - Participated to 2 User group Meetings

9th of October, 2010. Saturday.

I was happy to participate the Technology User Group and Book Club meetings in the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Because it's monthly activity, who are lucky they can participate. If you lost, you need to wait next month :-).

From the technology user group meeting, I understand bar code reader special device for blind.
From the book club meeting, sharing a knowledge always best way to relax and I'm very happy to tell my Mongolian 2 myths about astrology and part of Mongolian nomadic life style.

My 5th day - To say thank you very much to Pratt Library, To start LBPH learning

8th of October, 2010. Friday

In the morning, I visited to my first host library to say "Thank you very much for your time and teaching me your management and resources!".
In this morning Enoch Pratt free Library's Programs&Publications department coordinator Mrs. Judith Cooper suddenly met and invited me to her office to introduce new experience, it was really lucky chance to me, and telling me "Begz, you are not enough to finish your internship in my Pratt Library :-)".

In the afternoon, it was very special lunch with most of staffs of Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, to host and educate me in their library.
LBPH library chief Mrs. Jill Lewis introduced me my schedule in her library, and all of rooms in 2 up, 3 down floors in library building and her helpful office secretary Mrs. Shawnta Wilson.

I'm ready to learn everything from my 2nd host library and to present my library and Mongolia on Thursday.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My 4th day in Enoch Pratt Free Library - How this central library with bright, innovated branches

7th of October, 2010. Thursday.

Mrs. Patricia Costello, chief to Neighborhood Library Services, introduced me Enoch Pratt Free Library 21 branches and 2 book mobiles.

She safety droved me to Southeast Anchor Branch and Orleans Street Branches, and it was really enough to understand how branch library service organized in the Enoch Pratt Free Library. I don't want to waste more gas and time to visit another re-innovated and old building branches.

I was very glad to meet with great managers in the branches.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My third day in Enoch Pratt Free Library - How this library is doing a reorganizing, shifting and hourly scheduling.

Today was again 1 more great day for learning REALLY Enoch Pratt Free Library management.
Another 5 managers/staffs inspired me by their experience and power on library management.

Wednesday, October 6th.
10am. Humanities
11am. Children's Department
12 noon. Fine Arts
2pm. Social Science and History
3pm. Business, Science and Technology

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My second day in Enoch Pratt Free Library - How this library is a State Resource Center

Today I met with great 6 managers, who are managing different 6 departments.
Totally understand,
- how this Central Library is a State Resource Center!
- how they are innovating their Central library through their librarian shifting program, and
- also learned many work experience.

Өнөөдөр 10 сарын 5-ны Мягмар гаригт өглөө 9 цагаас оройны 17 цаг хүртэл 6 менежер надад 6 Department-аа танилцууллаа.
9am. Sights and Sounds
10am. Information services
11am. Periodicals
12 noon Lunch
1pm. Fiction Department
2pm. African-American History Department
3pm-5pm. Maryland Department

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What is the COMPUTER COMMONS in the Enoch Pratt Free Library? Энэ номын санд КОМПЬЮТЕР, ИНТЕРНЭТийг ингэж хэрэглүүлж байна

Enoch Pratt Free Library-ийн төв нь гудамж руугаа харсан байдаг нь уншигч-иргэд шууд орж ирэхэд зориулагдсан байхаар шинэчлэгдсэн юм байна.
Орж ирэхэд өөдөөс тань Information Desk угтана, мөн цаахан талд нь байгаа Sights and Sounds танхимтай би маргааш 9-10 цагийн хооронд танилцах хуваарьтай.

Sights and Sounds танхим руу орох хаалганы 2 талд байгаа ТӨЛБӨРГҮЙ ИНТЕРНЭТ бүхий компьютеруудыг мөн цаана байрлах ӨӨР НЭГ ТӨЛБӨРГҮЙ ИНТЕРНЭТ БҮХИЙ компьютертай өрөөг Балтимор хотын иргэд төдийгүй Maryland стате-ийн хүссэн иргэн бүр хэрхэн ашигладагыг би танилцуулъя.

Information Desk-ийн зүүн хойд болон баруун хойд талд нийт 27 компьютерыг хана дагуулан байрлуулж,
Computer Commons гэсэн нэрлэж,

зүүн хойд талын компьютерууд дээр уншигч нь 30 минут зогсоогоор, баруун хойд талын компьютеруудын ард сууж 1 цаг интернэт, компьютерийг төлбөргүй ашиглах боломжийг олгож байна.
Эдгээр компьютеруудын цагийн хүсэлт, бүртгэлийг Smart access management төрлийн програмаар удирддаг.
Хэрвээ компьютер ашиглах захиалга очергүй бол дахин дахин хэрэглэж МАХИМУМ 4 цаг ашиглаж болдог.

Мөн өөр нэг өрөөнд Public Computer center гэж нэрлэсэн 2-4 цагаар сууж компьютерийг судалгаа, шинжилгээ, EBSCO гэх мэт commercial database-ууд, Job буюу ажилд орох мэдээлэл хайх, ажилд орох хүсэлт бөглөх гэх мэт мэдээллийн сангуудыг номын сангаар дамжуулан хэрэглэх боломжыг олгосон.

Дээрх Computer Commons талбайд хэдэн компьютерийг байрлуулахыг Designer-уудын шийдлээр, Private Fund-ийн санхүүжилтээр байгуулжээ.

Computer Commons талбайн наахан талын багануудын 2 талд Catalog Only гэсэн бичигтэйгээр зөвхөн Каталогоос Ном хайх зориулттай 4 компьютерийг байрлуулжээ.

Computer commons-ийн компьютерууд нь Агуулгын фильтертэй ба БҮХ ВЭБийг ашиглаж болно.
Харин Research Only гэсэн компьютерууд дээр video audio гэх мэт stream вэбүүдийг ашиглуулдаггүй.

My first day in the EPFL. 2010.10.4 Даваа гариг - Enoch Pratt Free Public Library-д

Өглөө 10 цагт хост айлаас Enoch Pratt Free Library руу Хараагүйчүүдийн номын сангийн ажилтан залуу Tyson авчирч,

Дээрээ Public Access-ийн 3 давхар, доошоо storage-ийн 3 давхартай Enoch Pratt Free номын сангийн удирдах ажилтан, State Library for Resource Center болон Central Library-ийн chief Wesley Wilson-ийн өрөөнд авчирлаа.

1983 онд library science -ээр graduate degree, дараа нь art history-аар
underground degree-ээ хийсэн, энэ номын санд насаараа ажиллаж байгаа энэхүү эрхэмтэй 10-13 цаг хүртэл ярилцаж, өдрийн хоолоо хамт идэж, 14-16 цагт дагаж явж Pratt Free номын сангийн зарим хэсэгтэй танилцаж, номын сан
д уншигчаар бүртгүүлж, буцаж өрөөнд нь өрөөнд зургаа авахуулсан нь энэ.

Энэхүү Enoch Pratt Free номын сан дээр дадлага хийх Даваа-Лхагва гаригуудын блог бичлэгүүдээ тус номын сангийн үүдэнд байрлах Pratt Cafe-д сууж, Америкийн банкаас санхүүжүүлсэн WiFi сүлжээг нь ашиглан оруулна.

Миний маргаашийн анхны асуулт бол, энэхүү 3 эсвэл 6 давхар байшин дахь WiFi-г Америкийн банк хэзээнээс эхэлж санхүүжүүлж ирсэн вэ, цаашдаа санхүүжүүлэх үү гэдэг асуулт байж болох юм гэж бодож байна.

Гэртээ байлгаж байгаа айлынхаа тухай

Балтимор хотын 2 номын санд Дадлага хийх 14 хоногийн хугацаанд намайг гэртээ байлгах айлыг эхнэрийг Angie, нөхрийг Bill, охиныг нь Sadie, хүүг нь Andrew гэдэг

Америк дахь эхний өдөр. Конгрессын Номын сангийн Азийн номын тасагт өнгөрүүлсэн 2 цагт

Конгрессын номын санг АНУ-ын Үндэсний номын сан гэж тооцож болно гэж бидний яриа эхэлсэн юм.

Тус номын санд 10-р сарын 2-ны Бямба гаригийн 14 цагт ОУ-ын Даллас онгоцны буудлаас шууд ирж Азийн хэлтэс дэхь Роман хэлний номуудын каталогжуулалтанд ажилладаг Мягмарын Саруулэрдэнэтэй уулзаж, номын каталогжуулалтанд хэрхэн ажилладагт нь бага ч гэсэн суралцлаа.

Тэрээр "Би номын санч биш, гэхдээ энэ мэргэжлийг ийм нарийн ширийн ажилтай гэдгийг Конгрессын номын санд ажилласнаар ойлгож мэдсэн, каталогжуулалтын MARC форматын зөвхөн өөртөө холбоотэй хэсгийг л хэрэглэдэг" гэж ярьж байна.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seoul хотын Incheon ОУ-ын нисэх буудлын Korean Air Prestige Lounge-д сууж байна

Би Улаанбаатар хотын Чингэс хаан ОУ-ын нисэх буудлаас 10-р сарын 1-ны 23:15 цагт Korean Air-ын онгоцонд сууж, 3 цаг нисээд Сөүл хотын Инчеон ОУ-ын нисэх буудалд 10-р сарын 2-ны шөнө 2 цаг 15 минутанд газардсан.

Траниз нислэг гэсэн шугамаа дагаж явсаар, Korean Air-ын дамжин нисэх зорчигчиддоо зориулсан Prestige Lounge гэх нэмэлт төлбөр шаардлагагүй хоол хүнс, сандал ширээ, интернэт бүхий талбайд сууж байна.

Korean Air компанийн онгоцоор нисэхээр дамжин өнгөрч байгаа зорчигчиддоо ингэж анхаарал тавьж байгааг нь харахад хүний төлөө бизнес гэж үүнийг хэлдэг байх даа гэж бодогдож байна.

Сая манай Монголчууд гар тээшиндээ авч яваа архиа Солонгосын дамжин өнгөрөхийн шалганы ажилтануудад хураалгаж, шууд асгуулж байхыг харлаа. Соёмбо, Хар чингэс архиуд асгуулж байгаа нь нэг талаасаа хайран хүч хөдөлмөр, цаг зав, мөнгө хөрөнгөөр бүтсэн зүйл, нөгөө талаасаа хууль дүрэм журмыг тоож биелүүлж байх ёстойг дахин ойлгуулж байлаа.
Хэрвээ архинуудаа ТЭЭШИНДЭЭ өгсөн бол зүгээр байсан байх. Гар тээшинд шингэн зүйл авч явах хориотой болсон байх.
Одоо Монголын цагаар 10 сарын 2-ны өглөөний 5:02 болж байна. Солонгосын цагаар 6:02.
Би 10:40-д АНУ руу ниснэ. Энэ Prestige Lounge-даа өглөө халуун хоол нэмэлт мөнгө төлөхгүйгээр идчих шинжтэй байна.
Түр баяртай.
Аян замын мэдээгээ тантай хуваалцсан Ж.Бэгзсүрэн