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in-house circulation : Үүний цаана Монголд байдаг номын сандаа сууж ном унших гэдэг ойлголт хуучирсаныг харуулж байна.

Монголын Нийтийн номын сангууд Хэрэглэгчдээ номын сангийн уншлагын танхимд сууж ном уншина гэж тооцдог.
Гадаадын нийтийн номын сангууд Хэрэглэгчдээ номын сангаас ирж ном, СД-ээ Чөлөөт сонголттой танхимаас уншигч өөрөө сонгож аваад, гэрээр хураамж төлбөргүйгээр авч явж, уншина гэж тооцдог.

In-house Use (F6)

May be used to record in-house use for both cataloged and non-cataloged items.

Select Circulation → Record-In House Use

Cataloged items: Enter item barcode. When recording more than one use of an item, edit the number in the # of uses box.

Non-cataloged items: choose the appropriate item from the dropdown menu in the Barcode box and Submit.

The statistics on in-house use are separated from circulation statistics. In-house use count of cataloged items is not included in the items' total use count.

Ийм ч учраас Монголын нийтийн номын сангуудын Үйлчилгээний гол тоон үзүүлэлт болох Уншигдсан номын тоог заалаар олгогдож уншигдсан номын тоо тодорхойлдог байхад Гадаадад гэрээр олгогдож уншигдсан номын тоо тодорхойлж байна.

Манайд болон Гадаадад Нийтийн номын сангийн үйл ажиллагааны зардлыг Татвар төлөгчдийн мөнгөөр буюу Төсвөөс санхүүжүүлдэг боловч Монголд зааландаа унших нь төлбөргүй, гэрээр авч явж унших нь төлбөртэй учраас Хэрэглэгч нь аль болох уншлагын танхимдаа сууж үйлчлүүлэхийг хичээдэг. Гэтэл Гадаад оронд номыг 5-14 хоногоор гэрээр авч хэрэглэх нь төлбөргүй учраас Хэрэглэгчид маш их давуу тал олгож, номын сангийн дотоод ачааллыг багасгаж, үйлчилгээний таатай орчинг үүсгэж, ялангуяа Хэрэглэгчийн Унших/Мэдээлэл олж авах эрхийг эдлүүлдэгээрээ аргагүй л АРДЧИЛСАН байх юм даа.

Wed, May 11, 2011 5:33:58 AM
Library Question - Answer [Question #6678571]

Hello Begzsuren

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Question History:

Patron: Chat Transcript: Do you count your onsite reading?
Can you give me detail answer on it?

Librarian 1: Librarian '24/7 Librarian Diego' has joined the session.
Librarian 1: Hello Begzsuren, I'm Diego. I am helping out your librarians by answering questions for them right now. I'm reading what you wrote so I can help you...

Patron: Hi Diego

Librarian 1: Can you tell me a bit more about the information you're looking for?

Patron: My question can be a strange?
Patron: If borrower choose 5 titles from open stacks and read it onsite, then left books on table.
Patron: do you mean it is a circulation?

Librarian 1: Do you mean if it's recorded anywhere, for instance?

Patron: does your library statistic on circulation contain only home loan or with onsite reading?

Librarian 1: My screen tells me we may have lost our connection...
Librarian 1: could I please confirm you're still there?

Patron: I think, if I borrow library materials at home, it means check-out. If I return library materials to library, it means check-in. Is it correct?
Patron: so Do you have on site reading checkout and checkin?
Patron: Diego, I was a intern at your library in October, 2010 from Mongolia.
Patron: when I forget to ask this kind of strange question from your librarians.

Librarian 1: Begzsuren, I'm not at Enoch Pratt Library myself, but I'll forward your question so that a local librarian can look into this, and get back to you by email.

Patron: now I'm trying to ask what I need to know from your library service.

Librarian 1: Could I please confirm your email address as

Patron: I was an intern at Pratt Library and State Blind Library.
Patron: Do you count your onsite reading?

Librarian 1: Begzsuren, as I said, I'm not at Pratt Library myself. I'll forward your question so that a local librarian can get back to you about this by email. Could I please confirm your email address?

Patron: Diego, does your public library count it's onsite reading?

Librarian 1: It's clear you're not receiving my messages, so I'll close our session now. I hope you get to see the transcript later. You'll be contacted by email about your question as soon as possible.
Librarian 1: Thanks for using Maryland AskUsNow! If you have any further questions, please contact us again.
Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session.

Librarian 3: The Enoch Pratt Free Library keeps track of what we call "in-house circulation." That is, items (books, magazines, and more) that customers use in the library but do not check out and take home. At the Central Library, we count the books that customers leave on tables, desks, or other places during specific weeks of the year. We then use the numbers from these sampling weeks to calculate a total for the whole year. In the neighborhood branches, we count the books customers use every day. We scan the book bar codes into the catalog, and seeing how much each book is used helps us decide what to order or discard in the future.

I hope this gives the answers you need. If you have any other questions, please let us know.


John Damond
Measurement Coordinator
Enoch Pratt Free Library/State Library Resource Center
Baltimore, Maryland

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Central Public Library of Ulaanbaatar started to use Borrower Registration Application form

Central Public Library of Ulaanbaatar started to use Borrower Registration Application Form in 2nd of May, 2011.

You can download at

Before this application form, borrower registration history was like below:
- from 1999-9-27 to 2011-4-25
Registration librarian will ask citizen's card on registration desk and type all information into Alice software. There is no paper and no borrower signature.

- from 1990-1-1 to 1999-9-26
Reading room librarian will ask citizen's card in reading room and write all information on library paper card, then reader will do a signature on librarian filled paper card.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Мөнгө зарцуулсан тооцоо хийгдэж, хэрэглэгдээгүй мөнгийг АНУ-ын ЭСЯ-нд буцааж тушаав

АНУ-д байх хоногуудад өдөрт 25 доллараар тооцож 450 ам долларыг Lodging болгож өгсөнөөс хэрэглэгдээгүй үлдсэн 330 долларыг буцааж тушаалаа.