Monday, October 17, 2011

Meeting UNESCO Adviser Mr. Sayem Mehmood

We, Ulaanbaatar Public Library, met with UNESCO Adviser Mr. Sayem Mehmood in 6th of October, 2011 to share below topics.

Ulaanbaatar Public Library, Mongolia

Meeting with Mr. Sayem Mehmood
Adviser for Communication and Information at UNESCO

At 4:30pm-5:30pm,
Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who are we?

- The Central Public Library of Ulaanbaatar is one of the 344 public libraries in Mongolia.

- UPL has 81 staffs, 450000 items, 22 public pc, 35 staff pc and 4 branch libraries.

Why we want to meet with you?

1. Annually Fee based Library Card
if you are not registered, you cannot access to the library collection and resources.





Total Fee /₮/

Note for registration fee by age /₮/






New: teen-1500, adult-7000, older-1500
Renew: teen-1000, adult-3000, older-1500
Free: Librarian






New teen-1000, adult-3500, older-1000
Renew: teen-500, adult-2000, older-500
Free: Librarian, Blind, 6-11 years old child

2. Daily Fee based Home Loan

If you don’t have money, you need to read on site, you cannot borrow books at home.


Home loan /items/

Fee /₮/

Overdue fine /₮/

Total /₮/

Note for home loan fee and
overdue fine






Daily and each copy : 300₮, 1000₮






Daily and each copy : 100₮, 1000₮

3. No internet connection and library integrated system at 4 branches
Next projects implemented to the Central Public Library, not to 4 Branch libraries.

- Library automation software, by AusAID, 1998

- Internet connection, by CanadaIDRC, 1999, we started Public Free Internet service in 2003

- Magnetic security system, by Soros foundation, 2002

- Open Stacks service environment, by UPL decision, 2008, but still we have in-house check-out and check-in

- Establishment of the DAISY Talking Books center, by EIFL, 2010

- Open source library software Koha and public internet computers, by KOICA, May 2011.

4. Library rooms are rented to make a city budget by city property administration agency. Room rental fee 60% goes to the city property administration agency’s bank account.

5. Librarians, who are working in the circulation and collection room, are fully responsible to any Lost and Missed books, only they must pay the missed and lost books’ price.

What we are looking for any support and cooperation from UNESCO?

1. To describe what is our next steps to implement the IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto[i] in Mongolia?
We want to be same all the public libraries in the World. We hope one day Mongolian Government brings a decision that public library resources must be accessible to everyone, No registration fee on entrance!

2. To update Government’s policy for public libraries?
Can UNESCO advice/help to prepare new policy or development plan for Public Libraries with Mongolian Government?

3. To organize a National conference for Public Library Innovation

4. To participate Asian/International trainings for library technology and policy

5. To have first Mongolian Library Law with participation of IFLA and UNESCO

Presented by J.Begzsuren, IT Manager, UPL

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